BMW K1300S motorcycle ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P Diagnosis

Since there is no document/instruction on diagnose/flash BMW motorcycle K1300S. I made my own after an hour’s search and experiment. It is done with BMW ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P emulator.
I am reporting what I searched & did. I am not responsible from the damage. The text contains over 50 minutes video clips instructions. Do not miss it.
Tooled needed:
1) BMW ICOM A2 multiplexer
2) ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P software (required install on VMware)
3) Delicate laptop, Dell D630 is recommend
4) Cheap INPA K+DCAN cable
5) ICOM D cable adapter
I had flashed the latest Rheingold 2015 to the DME, KOMBI, ZFE module etc. If you only want to do diagnostics, and not programming, you can install ISTA/D on a normal PC and use the cheap K+DCAN cable.
For programming/coding, it's a much larger install, with lots of data files, specially hacked software, etc. and needs to run from a dedicated old Dell D630 laptop, and better to setup it on VMware.
Software are pre-installed onto an encrypted hard drive from the Chinese obdtool.co.uk with up-to-date version ISTA-D 3.50 ISTA-P 3.56 on Win 8.1 via VMware.
  1. Connection
  2. ISTA-D diagnosis
  3. ISTA-P Flash Programming
  1. Connection
Trying out the icom a2+b+c diagnostic system with the addition of a "d" adapter on the k1300s bike
ICOM A2 is well connect to laptop
Connect ICOM D cable with ICOM A2
Turn ignition on
Connect ICOM D cable with motorcycle diagnostic connector (marked red circle below)
Then the ICOM A2 multiplexer indicator flashes which means the well communication is built.
See connection video here:
  1. ISTA-D Rheingold Diagnosis
Within the main ISTA program, you can go into workshop settings and change your branding from "BMW" to "BMW Motorrad" service.
The diagnosis video lasts over 25 minutes because ISTA access to all ECUs will take 5-10 minutes.
This video shows ISTA/D diagnostics, with me displaying fault codes but not bringing up the details on them, then nearly going to clear them, then changing my mind and leaving them there.
I take a closer look at the fault codes, and in particular I drill down into the specifics of the exhaust flap servomotor fault (the fault type - 160 or 32 = flap mechanism). Then I clear the codes.
I will do some testing of diagnostics, installed onto my everyday laptop, and with a cheap USB BMW-cable, when I get a minute.
See diagnosis video:
  1. ISTA-P Flash Programming
Then it shows me in ISTA/P programming software, but not actually doing any programming. I should add that I used the older generation software (winkfp) to flash the firmware for the gearbox (ZF 5hp19), and the DME, of my 2001 BMW 330i SE, when I had that car, and I did it all over a "BMW USB cable" $18 cable. I still think one of these (which I still have somewhere), with the Bike-plug adapter (ICOM D cable), would be enough for diagnostics, and even maybe programming but programming might be more difficult due to the software lock-down of this newer ISTA software.
Can't do flash updating with it, but you can do diagnostics, resetting service reminders, testing things, programming remote control fobs, etc.
See programming video (software updating of ECUs)