NCS Expert tutorial French made the E89 series for beginners

Frankly for NCS Expert I totally floundering .... that's why I wanted a tutorial in French ..

I have an E53 X5 so rain sensor, headlights washer installed, xenons lights; Bluetooth module installed by me but that does not work ....

How to Handle
So for starters, I recommend you read the ECU ncs with different expert and save them in case of bad coding.
(Namely, it is the manipulation for E89 series but it should not really change.)

1: Lance NCS Expert
2: File: load profile: expertenmodu or revtor
3: F1 and F3: Choose your series and CAS
4: F6
5: F4 then select ECU
6: F4 to ECU reading and close the hex file that appears

Then go ncsexpert \ work folder and copy the file and rename the FSW_PSW.TRC the name of the selected ECU. Ex: CAS Original.TRC

Repeat the same manipulation for the other boxes.

Once all this is: coding

For the bluetooth: I do not know what type of install you did exactly but begins by ECU this list for your series and then we'll see.

To sunroof when it rains:

1: Lance NCS Expert
2: File: load profile: expertenmodu or revtor
3: F1 and F3: Choose your series and CAS
4: F6
5: F4 then select ECU FZD
6: F4 to ECU reading and close the hex file that appears

Then go ncsexpert \ work folder and right click, open it with notepad FSW_PSW.TRC


Change in:

Automatic closing roof opening with rain sensor (rain sensor service)
To test the operation, put the ice essuis automatic and throw water on the rain sensor.
And also reset the roof by pressing for at least 2 minutes on the button to crack it performs all its cycles (not release the button until it is returned to its closed position).

And eventually:


Change in:

Automatic roof closing the opening in Trigger wiper essuis

Do next file, save as

File name: FSW_PSW.MAN
File type: all files (important)

Back in NCSExpert:

F5 and choose coapiReadSgGetFswPsw "ok then a window that opens.
F2 and choose SG_CODIEREN
F3 to start writing code

Once finished it will be marked coding coding ended

For lava headlights:

1: Lance NCS Expert
2: File: load profile: expertenmodus or revtor
3: F1 and F3: Choose your series and CAS
4: F2 - Enter FA, your serial and VIN OK
5: Added $ 502, Ok
6: F6: Back
7: F4: Process and CAS ECU
8: F2 - Change Job
10: F3 - Execute Job
11: F1 - Change ECU then FRM
12: F3 - Execute Job

Restart NCS Expert
Load Profile
expertenmodus or revtor
F1 - WINE / ZCS / FA
F3 - ZCS / FA f.ECU
Your series
F6 - Back
F3 - For Process
We choose the ECU that is used by the option that is added to (eg FRM for xenon lights aftermarket) See therefore what ECU is the flagship lava, I would say FZD can be too.
F2 - Change Job
F3 - Execute Job

Finally, more than to test it.

How to update BMW ICOM clone firmware

As far as we know, it is sometimes necessary to update the firmware of BMW ICOM.and this is the clone ICOM firmware update guide, learned from a professional technician on a forum.

Device to use:
Steps to update China ICOM firmware:

1). Use your cable and connect ICOM to port

2). Power ICOM by 12V power adapter or from 1x DLC

3). Use your browser (IE) and browse
User name: root
Password: NZY11502

4). Click "Update Firmware",and you can find the version of firmware.

5). Select ICOM-BootImage-XX-XX-XX.bin, set image type to "SYSTEM", click "Send the file"

6). When it will say "Write the image file to the flash?", click "Yes", then the ICOM led it will been RED

7). When it will say "The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successfull", click "Update Firmware"

8). Select ICOM-ApplicationImage-XX-XX-XX.bin, set image type to "APPLICATION", click "Send the file",the file is big so it will take some minutes to finish have patience.

9). When it will say "Write the image file to the flash?", click "Yes", then the ICOM led it will been RED again

10). When it is ok, click "reboot".

BMW K1300S motorcycle ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P Diagnosis

Since there is no document/instruction on diagnose/flash BMW motorcycle K1300S. I made my own after an hour’s search and experiment. It is done with BMW ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P emulator.
I am reporting what I searched & did. I am not responsible from the damage. The text contains over 50 minutes video clips instructions. Do not miss it.
Tooled needed:
1) BMW ICOM A2 multiplexer
2) ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P software (required install on VMware)
3) Delicate laptop, Dell D630 is recommend
4) Cheap INPA K+DCAN cable
5) ICOM D cable adapter
I had flashed the latest Rheingold 2015 to the DME, KOMBI, ZFE module etc. If you only want to do diagnostics, and not programming, you can install ISTA/D on a normal PC and use the cheap K+DCAN cable.
For programming/coding, it's a much larger install, with lots of data files, specially hacked software, etc. and needs to run from a dedicated old Dell D630 laptop, and better to setup it on VMware.
Software are pre-installed onto an encrypted hard drive from the Chinese obdtool.co.uk with up-to-date version ISTA-D 3.50 ISTA-P 3.56 on Win 8.1 via VMware.
  1. Connection
  2. ISTA-D diagnosis
  3. ISTA-P Flash Programming
  1. Connection
Trying out the icom a2+b+c diagnostic system with the addition of a "d" adapter on the k1300s bike
ICOM A2 is well connect to laptop
Connect ICOM D cable with ICOM A2
Turn ignition on
Connect ICOM D cable with motorcycle diagnostic connector (marked red circle below)
Then the ICOM A2 multiplexer indicator flashes which means the well communication is built.
See connection video here:
  1. ISTA-D Rheingold Diagnosis
Within the main ISTA program, you can go into workshop settings and change your branding from "BMW" to "BMW Motorrad" service.
The diagnosis video lasts over 25 minutes because ISTA access to all ECUs will take 5-10 minutes.
This video shows ISTA/D diagnostics, with me displaying fault codes but not bringing up the details on them, then nearly going to clear them, then changing my mind and leaving them there.
I take a closer look at the fault codes, and in particular I drill down into the specifics of the exhaust flap servomotor fault (the fault type - 160 or 32 = flap mechanism). Then I clear the codes.
I will do some testing of diagnostics, installed onto my everyday laptop, and with a cheap USB BMW-cable, when I get a minute.
See diagnosis video:
  1. ISTA-P Flash Programming
Then it shows me in ISTA/P programming software, but not actually doing any programming. I should add that I used the older generation software (winkfp) to flash the firmware for the gearbox (ZF 5hp19), and the DME, of my 2001 BMW 330i SE, when I had that car, and I did it all over a "BMW USB cable" $18 cable. I still think one of these (which I still have somewhere), with the Bike-plug adapter (ICOM D cable), would be enough for diagnostics, and even maybe programming but programming might be more difficult due to the software lock-down of this newer ISTA software.
Can't do flash updating with it, but you can do diagnostics, resetting service reminders, testing things, programming remote control fobs, etc.
See programming video (software updating of ECUs)

BMW FVDI Commander V10.4 User Manual

ABRITES Commander for BMW is a diagnostic software to the vehicle (identification, trouble codes etc.), mileage recalibration, key programming, programming vehicle order. It can access CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS3+ by OBDII independent from the firmware of the CAS. Also you can perform unusual for remaining diagnostic tools operations with the electronic modules inside of the vehicle. Access to the EEPROM memory of the units in the vehicle.
bmw fvdi- 1
The user manual includes the following parts:
Recommended operation system
BMW FVDI Functions
BMW FVDI Special Functions
BMW FVDI ABRITES commander software display
BMW body types covered
FVDI connection
About authorization
About installation
About update

Recommended operation system:
can only use on XP system computer (cpu 1.8 + memory 2G+)
BMW FVDI commander Functions:
  1. Identification (VIN, mileage, production data)
  2. Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (current, history and shadow)
  3. Added DTCs in 17 DTC conditions information (Odometer value, Timestamp, full engine status report for EDC17)
  4. Some DTCs (mostly that of F series) are given detailed documentation of what caused the problem and how the problem should be handled
  5. Manager of service intervals, reset service reminders (CBS)
  6. Measured values/live data
  7. Read and Program Engine Control Unit flash memory for tuning purposes by OBDII
  8. Entering and leaving from logistic mode of the modules in the vehicle
  9. Synchronization DME/DDE and EWS/CAS, CAS and ELV
  10. Enable / Disable of the keys
  11. Enable / Disable of TV function for E3x,E46,E5x,E83,E85,E86 (for the next bodies available via unit coding)
  12. Ability for diagnostic on internal CAN buses
  13. Read / Program mileage from the IKE, LCM, EWS, ECU, ABS, VTG, EGS (please refer coverage list)
  14. Displaying KEY CUTTING code (mechanical code) stored in CAS modules
BMW FVDI Special Functions:
  1. Service intervals/CBS - ability for programming of service counters by OBDII
  2. Programming flash memory of all electronic control units by OBDII (can be used directly databases released from BMW)
  3. Programming Vehicle Order data (you can add new units to configuration of the vehicle) - E body
  4. Coding (configuration) of each electronic control unit in the vehicle - E body
  5. Programming identification of the modules in the vehicle
  6. Programming User Information Fields in the electronic modules
  7. Read / Write of memory of the electronic control modules
  8. Program mileage stored in CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 by OBDII
  9. Program keys by OBDII - CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 systems - support latest versions CAS3 updated in 2011 year
  10. Key programming for CAS3+ with latest firmware version (ISTA-P 45)
  11. Preparing a keys by dump for BMW models with CAS4 - newest BMW 1, 5, 5 GT, 6, 7, X3 series ( body Fxx)
  12. Read / Write eeprom from CAS1 via OBDII
  13. Read / Write eeprom data from CAS2/CAS3 via dash connector or cas-connector
  14. Read / Program mileage stored in different electronic control units by OBDII like ECU, EGS, SGM, JBBF and many others
  15. Extracting and programming synchronization code between ECU and CAS by OBDII
  16. Ability to works together with transponder programmer
BMW FVDI ABRITES commander software display:
bmw fvdi- 2 bmw fvdi- 3 bmw fvdi- 4 bmw fvdi- 5 bmw fvdi- 6
BMW body types covered:
bmw fvdi- 7
FVDI connection:
bmw fvdi- 8
About authorization:
--When obtaining authorization, operate by following the next steps:1. Connect the Softdog to FVDI. Do not connect Softdog to the computer, otherwise the Softdog green light or red light will on, and result in authorization fail.
2. Use USB cable to connect FVDI and the computer, but do not connect FVDI to the car. Wait until FVDI green light on and Softdog red light on, you succeed getting authorization. If FVDI red light on or Softdog green light on, repeat the above steps.
--After get authorization for FVDI, follow the next steps to connect:1. Connect the Softdog to FVDI (Note: do not connect Softdog to the computer).
2. Use USB cable to connect FVDI and the computer. Wait until FVDI green light on and Softdog red light on, connect Softdog USB cable to the computer. During the procedure, the Softdog red light keeps on (Note: do not connect FVDI to the car)
3. Till the above 2 steps work well, connect FVDI to the car.
About installation:
1.The fvdi software can only install in XP system computer
2.When you activate,Please choose a stable internet,not connect computer by WIFI,otherwise you get error "connecting to server....failed".
bmw fvdi- 9
3.If you have problem of install FVDI, please contact us,we can help you by remote control.
4.Please don't use other seller software on our unit.
About update:
Before update, you need advise the FVDI ID first, we will check if the ID is in the update list which can be update by email, if not in the list, can not do it yourself. you need send back the multiplexer to us for updating. and you need pay for the shipping cost of it.
Q1: FVDI BWM supports B-M-W CAS4 for not?
A1: Yes it can do BMW CAS4
Q2: When I update the FVDI B-W-M,it shows "error4" ,and the indicate light turns from green to red on the multiplexer
A2: It means you failed the update,just do it again.
Q3: Is there CAS Connector in the package?
A3: Yes there is.
Q4: Can I use the original AVDI with this FVDI/AVDI ?
A5: Our FVDI/AVDI both software and hardware can not compatible with the original AVDI.so you could only use our hardware and software together.
Q5: Can I get update of FVDI/AVDI software in the future ?
A5: yes, for the software you have bought, the future update is free for ever.updating patch will be sent via email ,when new version released.but other software you have to buy it.
Q6: if I want to buy other software in the future, do I have to buy the hardware together?
A6: one hardware can work with all the software that been distributed, just tell us the ID of your hardware, then we will send you software that suit for your hardware.but if there is extra cable, you have to buy the extra cable.only Mercedes has 6 extra cables, and vag, mercedes, BMW have the same dongle cable, other software don’t have this dongle cable.

This is from obd tool website technical support: BMW FVDI Commander V10.4 User Manual

VVDI PROG 3.40 Programmer for BMW CAS4+ All Key Lost(Review)

Pleased to share my purchase experience of VVDI PROG Auto Key Programmer. Just got this programmer for a few days from China.(I am Chinese, also)
Package came to London for about 6 days, for €385.
vvdi pro-2 vvdi pro-3 vvdi pro-4 vvdi pro-5 vvdi pro-6 vvdi pro-7
Ps. VVDI PROG 3.40 free download I found:
(software, driver, IMG&Language files...)
And I used this vvdi prog and vvdi2 to do BMW all key lost. Here is the procedure. This vvdi2 is from my friend, sounds from China also.
Step 1: Read CAS4+ 5M48H EEPROM with VVDI PRO
Disassemble the CAS4+ and ECU.
First, read CAS4+ EEPROM data.
Take out the circuit board from CAS4+.
Follow VVDI Pro wiring diagram to connect the cables with circuit board.
Remove 4 components on CAS4 (solder them when finish operation ) and begin wiring connectors
The circuit board after removing 4 components.
Start wiring connection according the wiring diagram..
Then begin to read and write.
Select “BMW CAS4-5M48H” EEPROM
Click “New” and then click “Read”.
Now the equipment is being initialized.
Check the chip type.
Select “Yes” to crack chip.
Cracking the chip...
OK, finish cracking.
Start reading the data.
Finish reading data.
Name the file.
And click “Save”.
Step 2: Read BMW ECU
Disassemble the ECU. Punch a hole here for wire connection.
Follow VVDI 2 wiring diagram to connect the cables with ECU.
Point the boot. Point contact and press it for a while.
Go to the software and select EEPROM.
Click “New”.
Click “Read”.
Well, begin checking this equipment. Device initializing.
Crack the chip.
Click “Yes” to continue.
Finish reading data. ISN is also displayed.
Save data.
Name the new file.
And click “Save”.
Finish data reading.
Step 3: Write key with VVDI 2
Begin to write the key.
(All the data have been read out, so we can begin writing the key.)
Insert the key in VVDI2.
Open VVDI2 software, Quick Start.
Select BMW.
Select “File Make Key”.
Select “5M48H”.
Click “OK”.
Load the data, select the folder “000000000”.
First load BMW CAS4+ data. Click to open.
Select “Key3” and click “Generate Dealer Key”
Click “I have the engine data, click Next to load it”, and click “Next”.
Load the ECU data, “baoma 525ecu.bin”, and click “Open”.
You will prompt that it will take 30 seconds. Click “OK”.
It is generating a key. Wait! Write key success.
Step 4: Test new key
OK, finish writing the key. And now, we go to check it. (click “OK”)
Check if the key can work normally.
Put the key on BMW test platform.
Pay attention to the green light (LED 3).
The green light is lighted, which means the key can work normally.
Then take the key down.
You will see the green light will be off.
Again put the key on BMW test platform.
Key matching is successful.

How to setup BMW ICOM Rheingold on ENET cable for F-series

BMW Rheingold –the replacement ISTA-D system for BMW diagnosis works with E and F series. Rheingold is default to work with BMW ICOM A2 emulator, but some have achieved it on INPA and ENET cable.
BMW Rheingold on INPA K+DCAN cable works for BMW E-series. Rheingold on ENET cable will works on F-series. ICOM ISTA-D 3.46 is more stable. You are on your risk.
Tools needed:
BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable for F series
BMW Rheingold software
A laptop (running VMware is required)
ENET cable comes with E-sys software CD, E-sys will not do programming, Rheingold will.
Configuring Rheingold ISTA on ENET cable:

  1. Open used for connection network adapter properties, then “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” properties, then enter for “IP address” and for “Subnet mask”.
  1. If VMware is installed, open Virtual Network Editor and disconnect from the host any adapters with Subnet Address
  2. Connect ENET cable with car and the other end to PC, turn ignition on

  1. Now run BMW Rheingold ISTA using shortcut in start menu and wait until it boots, then press setting button
  1. Select “VCI Config” tab and “HO-ICOM/ENET local and ISIS network”, then press “OKBMW-Rheingold-on-ENET-cable-4
  2. Go “Operations”, then “Read Out Vehicle Data” and “Complete IdentificationBMW-Rheingold-on-ENET-cable-5BMW-Rheingold-on-ENET-cable-6
  3. Select your ENET connection from the list and press “Set up connection” button.BMW-Rheingold-on-ENET-cable-7
Vehicle IdentificationBMW-Rheingold-on-ENET-cable-8
  1. Alternatively you select “HO-ICOM/ENET direct connection” in “VCI Config” tab and “ENET” mode with empty “IP-Address” filed during connection setup.BMW-Rheingold-on-ENET-cable-9BMW-Rheingold-on-ENET-cable-10
  2. Installing BMW Rheingold on ENET cable for F-series is completed. Start running software.

LCM Coding with NCS for ICOM A2 (SOLVED)

Here I post my light control module codes first, by NCS Expert tool and BMW ICOM A2.
A few items I would like to code is: fogs on with high beams, low beams for DRL, and euro flashers. I would also like the blinker to flash three times with one push, but read this is not possible.
BMW ICOM HDD V2015.7 BMW Rheingold ISTA-D 3.50.10 ISTA-P Multi-language
This is a list of changes I have made on an E53 on the LCM module:
1- Fogs on with high beams.
2- No DRL's
TAGFAHRLICHT_ECE - nicht_aktiv
I wan't my low beams as DLR's and this, AL_ALS_DRL - aktiv, is supposed to do that, but when I activate this (nicht_aktiv is factory), all my lights come on as DRL's. It's like I have my head light switch on. Still working on this ATM. This might work out OK on a bi-xenon equipped e53.
3- No gong when key is in ignition
4- For those with bi-xenon..... High beams on with bi-xenon
PWM_FL_BIX - wert_01
5- Euro Flashers. This only works for the hazards, I have not figured out how to make this work on the turn signals. This one is cool!
WARNBLINKER - change einfachimpuls to doppelimpuls
Attached files:
Install NCSDummy (which has translations for most of this stuff) also when install INPA pack.
Look in C:/NCSEXPER/Translations.csv file for some help.
ps: NCS Dummy for reference
I have successfully coded my LCM this morning!! With software NCS and diagnostic tool BMW ICOM A2!! Using NCS expert, I simply change the active value to not active or vise versa. The challenging part is finding what to change. Little things like turning the dong off for the head lights being on (I put this back). I also managed to get the DRL's off, but I am still trying to figure out how to get the low beams on as DRL's. I think I've got this figured out for the most part.
Especially post it for help.

NCS Error When Changing ZCS on BMW E39

Here is the solution I got from forum bros for how to deal with NCS error when changing ZCS on BMW E39.
I want to change ZCS by NCS on my E39, but unsuccessfully. Got error central coding key is faulty. Using profile expertmode. I played with zeko.zcs and there was ok my new zcs.
Remove the last digit of GM, SA and VN. They are check digits and you don't need to type them. Tick the box that says 'calculate new checksum' then do ZCS_write to EWS an then to KMB/IKE module.
GM = 53510000
SA = 20000A0004001440
VN = 20000000054
Code EWS and IKE with ZCS WRITE, then do SG_codeiren for the whole car.
Successfully changed ZCS by NCS-Expert tool and the BMW ICOM A2.

Easycoding for BMW Rolls-Royce Diagnosis & Personalized Setting

Easycoding V1.3.0.150407 is the newest advanced tool for BMW and Rolls-Royce cars that supports not only diagnosing but also personalized vehicle setting.
BMW Easycoding Scanner Operating System Requirement: WINDOWS XP SP3, WINDOWS 7 and WINDOWS 8.
BMW Easycoding Scanner PC Requirement: At least 2GB system RAM and 4GB HDD space.
BMW Easycoding Scanner personalized function:
personalized setting for: HU, ACSM, BDC, CAS, COMBOX, DWA8, FEM, FKA, FRM, FZD, IHKA, TCU, JBBFE, KOMBI, PMA, Radio, RSE and ULF systems.
1HU1. Add Select Sound Effects Of Lock/Unlock In I-drive
2. Operate Navigation Menu And Watch DVD During Driving 3. Enable Efficient Dynamics Sport CID (Added Sport Displays The Vehicle Info Screen (Power & Torque Meters)). 4. Disable iDrive Legal Disclaimer During iDrive Startup 5. Select Sports Mode In I-drive 6. Turn On Gasoline Station Alert In Navigator 7. Allow PDC(Park Distance Control) To Indicate Park Distance 8. Disable Daytime Running Lamps 9. Convert kilometers To Miles 10. Increase The FM band 11. Disable Handbrake To Play Videos 12. Disable Reversing camera warning window 13. Video Playing With USB Are Avaliable In 2013 NTB
2ACSMSet seat belt alarm to last 10 seconds
3BDC1. Allow Car Windows To Roll Up Without Being Disturbed By Door Openings
2. Activate/Deactivate Headlight Washer 3. Set Car's Auto Start/Stop To Start In The Last Used Setting (e.g. Off) When The Engine Is Started
4CAS1. Central Control Unlock Automatically When Engine Is Off
2.  Shorten time to roll up or down car windows 3. Shorten The Time To Fold Down Rearview Mirrors
5COMBOX1. Voice recognition
2. Play Videos 3. Add CIC stored addresses/messages from 25 to 50 4. Mircophone Settings 5. Change and Synchronize Incoming Call Ringtones On Bluetooth Device
6DWA8Set lock alarm sound to the maximum
7FEM1. Allow car windows  to roll up without  being disturbed  by door  openings
2.  Clean head lamps 3. Set Car's Auto Start/Stop To Start In The Last Used Setting (e.g. Off) When The Engine Is Started
8FKAAC Records Last Engine-off Statues
9FRM1. Remote Controller And Interior Button Turn Off Power Lift Gate(Reset After Engine Is Off For 15 Minutes )
2. Remote Controller And Interior Button Turn Off Power Lift Gate At Any Time(Reset After Engine Is Off For 15 Minutes ) 3. Auto Control Of High Beams 4. Extend Foot To Open Rear Cover
10FZDSet Lock Alarm Sound To The Maximum
11IHKA1. AC Records Last Engine-off Statues
2. AC Indoor Circulation Records its Engine-off Statues
12TCUMircophone Settings
13JBBFE1. Allow car windows to  roll up without being  disturbed by door openings
2. Activate/Deactivate Headlight Washer 3. Wiper Resets Automatically  4. Disable Front Camera At Maximum Distance 5. Disable Back Camera At Maximum Distance
14KOMBIDisplay Digital Vehicle Speed
15PMA1. Disable Front Camera At Maximum Distance
2. Disable Back Camera At Maximum Distance 3. Disable Front Camera At Maximum Speed 4. Disable Back-facing Camera At Maximum Speed
16RADIO1. Select lock/unlock alarm sound in "iDrive"
2. Browse navigation menu and watch DVD while driving 3. Disable Daytime Running Lamps 4. Increase The FM band
17RSE1.  Add Select Sound Effects Of Lock/Unlock In I-drive
2. Operate Navigation Menu And Watch DVD During Driving 3. Enable Efficient Dynamics Sport CID (Added Sport Displays The Vehicle Info Screen (Power & Torque Meters)). 4. Disable iDrive Legal Disclaimer During iDrive Startup 5. Select Sports Mode In I-drive 6. Turn On Gasoline Station Alert In Navigator 7. Allow PDC(Park Distance Control) To Indicate Park Distance 8. Disable Daytime Running Lamps 9. Convert kilometers To Miles 10. Increase The FM band 11. Disable Handbrake To Play Videos
18ULF1. Voice Recognition 2
2. Selecte Bluetooth Phone Ringtone
EASYCODING software:
EASYCODING Scanner package list: