Why do i need iCOM A2 (not ENET cable) for BMW ZGM reflash?

This is a discussion about tools for BMW ZGM reflash with E-sys. BMW ICOM A2 emulator, or ENET cable? Users answer here:
SanDiegoF12: Why is an iCOM A2 required instead of just using the OBDII to Ethernet cable?
erdengurcanICOM A2 more stable than enet cable. For example: When you update ZGW via ENET, sometimes car stays on transport mode. But via ICOM it always come back to normal mode.
2real4u: A more technical reason is lack of DHCP server when connecting with ENET interface. This does not affect connection over DCAN, which is supported by ICOM, but cannot be accomplished with ENET cable.

Working BMW E-sys v3.22.5 and psdzdata v49.4:


BMW F10 beep on lock / unlock coding with E-sys 3.22.5

Here, you will be guided to use ENET cable with E-sys program to coding beep on lock / unlock or beep on lock only, for BMW series.
You should use:
Working ENET cable bmw
Esys v3.22.5 and v49.4 data
A laptop running with Windows XP system

The case here takes 2011 BMW F10 (I-step F010-12-11-503).
Part 1 - beep on lock / unlock
Setup in E-sys 3.22.5
Set these
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen mit Klappenbeachtung
Akkustische Quittierung Entschaerfen
to aktiv
Revert all other values to default in FZD and CIC which are related to buzzer.
Akkustische Quittierung Entschaerfen
to activ in FZD module and you will be good to go.
Part 2 - beep on lock only
With the the following settings, you get 1 beep on lock and NO BEEPs on unlock:-
But make sure the tick box in idrive is not ticked!!!!!!!
then set:-
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen = aktiv
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen mit Klappenbeachtung = nicht aktiv
Akkustische Quittierung Entschaerfen = nicht aktiv
the meaning of the settings:
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen = Acoustic acknowledgment when Arming regardless of the door status
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen mit Klappenbeachtung = Acoustic acknowledgment of Arming depends on the door status
"door status" here means whether the i-drive box is ticked or not. So unticking it manages to turn off the two beeps some of you don't want.
This is from EOBDTOOL website technical support: BMW F10 beep on lock / unlock coding with E-sys 3.22.5


(FREE) BMW E-sys 3.27.1, where to download & how to setup

Free download the newest E-sys v3.27.1 software to run with ENET cable or ICOM A2 diagnostic tool for characteristically coding BMW Fxx series F01 / F02 / F06 / F07 / F10 / F12 / F13 / F16 / F20 / F25 / F30 and so on.

Where to free download?
BMW E-Sys 3.27.1
BMW E-Sys 3.27.1 + Patch + Token Generator
*Note: E-sys 3.27.1 with unknown security is not tested yet; TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK
     Old BMW E-sys 3.22.5 is tested ok and used my almost BMW owners
- O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8
- CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher
- RAM: 256 MB of system memory
- Hard Drive: 30 GB of available space
What is E-sys used for?
BMW E-Sys is an engineering version of the software for programming, coding, electronic control units of new series BMW, which is required interface like BMW ENET cable or ICOM A2 emulator.
What is coding?
Coding is for people who want to play with the settings of BMW car software to achieve something more desirable. Coding is not really a programming; it is another name for re-configuring the software of your car.

What is needed for BMW coding?
ENET cable
E-Sys software 3.27.1 + Psdzdata 3.58.3 (Newest)
E-Sys 3.22.5 Psdzdata 4.94 (Safest - Recommend)
A laptop with Windows XP (preferred) or Win 7 with minimum 44 GB of free space
Software installer (optional), files attached
Backup utility for CAF files (optional), file attached
Useful Cheat Sheet for Fxx, file for F25 attached, others are available in different forums
How to prepare your setup?
You can build your own cable or buy from a good source. Cable should be reliable as interruption of any kind during coding can be very risky.
DIY enet cable:
Delete unwanted SW and data from your laptop. It may be worthwhile to de-fragment your HD of laptop before installing the coding software as this software will occupy almost 22 to 44 GB of space on HD. Use the power adapter to keep batteries charged all the time as installation will take several minutes depending upon the performance of the laptop and data storage media.

How to install E-sys 3.27.1?
You can use the manual procedure (attached) to install software on your laptop or follow automatic installation steps given below:
1- Create a folder on laptop or any external media and give any name such as BMWInstall. If you are creating folder BMWInstall on laptop, then you may need 44 GB of clear space as the installer will not move or delete any file from your laptop. If BMWInstall folder is on external media, you will need on 22 GB of clear space on laptop.
2- Copy folder psdzdata and E-Sys_3.27.1 into BMWInstall (Look at the BMWInstall folder image attached).
3- Also copy Setup_3.18.4-47.4.v1.bat and EDIABAS.INI files into the same folder.
4- Double click on Setup_3.18.4-47.4.v1.bat. It will install the complete software with correct settings to your laptop if the folders names are correct. Enter the password for E-Sys when asked. Installation time maypole take several minutes. Don't interrupt the process, let it run and finish. You are good to go now.

What do you need to prepare for coding?
1- shut off any wireless or Bluetooth service on the laptop; just laptop and car talk to each other with no external interference.
2- disable any firewall on the laptop, better disable anti virus software.
3- better start with fully charged batteries of laptop and car as no interruption can be tolerated during transfer of data from laptop to Car.

How to setup the key to E-Sys?
1- Launch E-Sys by double clicking its shortcut on desktop. (a minute to start)
2- Select Options > Settings > EST
3- Click on the browse button with three dots ( …... ) and navigate to EST folder. If automatic installation was done, it should be at C:\ESysData\EST
4- Select file "******.est" and click OK.
How to use ENET cable with BMW cars?
1- Connect ENET cable between car's OBD port and network port of laptop.
2- Switch on the ignition of the car, don't start the engine.
3- The laptop tries to connect to the car. Wait a few minutes until the network icon on laptop shows a Connection with the yellow exclamation point over it.
4- Launch "C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\ENET\ZGW_SEARCH.exe" to verify cable and connection are working.
IP Address, MAC Address, & VIN will be displayed in a separate window. That shows that communication between car and laptop can be established with the used ENET cable. It may be useful to create a desktop shortcut for starting ZWG_SEARCH every time. It may not work under Windows 7, try running under Windows XP compatibility mode by right clicking on its exe file and selecting the correct mode.

What should you do if coding your car for the first time?
1- take a full back up of Car's setting before any changes are made to the car. This would help reverting back to original settings in case a mistake is made or it is desired to go back to original settings of any or all features.
2- Connect ENET cable between car's OBD port and network port of laptop.
3- Switch on the ignition of the car, don't start the engine.
4- Laptop tries to connect to the car. Wait a few minutes until the network icon on laptop shows a Connection with the yellow exclamation point over it.
5- Press connect button on top row of E-Sys to connect car with the laptop.
6- Laptop opens up a popup, select the correct TargetSelector, e.g . F025 and not F025_DIRECT, select "connection via VIN" and press Connect.
7- Click Ok when connection established.
8- Select "Expert Mode" on the left pane and click on "Coding" button.
9- In Vehicle Order Box (upper left), click on "Read" button., it would display FA of your car.
10- Go to SVT Actual Box (right pane, midway down) and click on "Read(VCM)" button.
11- SVT box will display SVT of different modules of your car, some with green bullets. These green CAFD files are of our interest.
12- Right click on each green CAFD and click on "Read Coding data". Afre codes are read, green icon will change into a folder icon.
13- Read all the green CAFD files one by on or,select multiple by holding the Ctrl key of keyboard and read Coding data by right clicking..
14- Check the folder "C:\ESysData\CAF", this will contain all the read CAFD files.
15- Copy and Save all the files in a safe place. These are your original CAFD files.
16- Use utility "Copy_CAF_v2.bat" , copy it anywhere on your laptop and double click on it to automatically save the files under a Folder "C:\My_CAF_Files " with date and time stamp.

How to perform CAFD files coding?
1- Follow 1 to 9 steps of above topic.
2- Expand the folder of any read CAFD of a module that you would like to edit with the changes as shown on the cheat file.
3- Right click on the CAFD file and click "Edit FDL". Enter the pin if asked.
4- Open the module you wanted to edit, click on the Functionen folder, ausgelessen folder of the selected function will show the current settings.
5- Change them as per Cheat Sheet and Save.
6- To be on the safer side, edit only one module at a time.
7- After making all changes in the module as per the cheet sheet for that function, save and go back by pressing top extreme left green arrow "back" button.
8- Now you can see FA again. Right click on it and "Activate FA". You will see a green active text next to FA. Also FP will open on the right side.
9- Select the edited CAFD file on SVT box and Click on "Code FDL" in coding box on right.
Coding process will start and should end with no errors.
10- Take a backup of all the CAFD files again and save in a different folder. Best way is to use "Copy_CAF_v2.bat". Copy it any where on your laptop and just double click on it, all will be done for you and files will be saved under a new date time stamped folder.
11- Great, you coded one module. Disconnect E-Sys program by clicking on top Connect button which is showing a red x. You are done.
Test the car for the changed feature. Some features require 15 -30 minutes to get activated where as some are instant and few need you to switch off the and lock the car and unlock and start.

How to use E-SYS to update BMW NBT Map to 2016.2

here, I wanted to start a discussion on how to update the NBT maps for BMW F series. here, take the F22.

After doing a bit of research on forums, there is a ton of good information already out there.
Materials required for process
#1 You need 2016-1 NorthAmerica NEXT Maps (you confirm this from iDrive that your car is indeed running NorthAmerica region, and the map type is NEXT). Different head units use different maps, and they are not cross-compatible, PREMIUM, MOVE, NEXT, etc.. 


2. You will also want at-least a 32Gb flash drive to hold the update files formatted as FAT32. It is essentially three Dual-Layer DVD's worth of Data. You can use three 8Gb drives, but I've read some people running into problems with specific brands that format below the minimum.

3. You need an FSC Activation Code. This is gone about two ways, either you pay someone with BMW Internal Portal access to your VIN's 1B/DE File, and they can generate it. Or you have a proper ENET cable, and E-SYS and you can retrieve the 1B/DE File, and generate it use the available tools. There is another set of tools called FSC Generator/SWID Reader, but they are only compatible with 32-bit Windows. FSC.exe is not equal to NBT.exe !! NBT is for NEXT, FSC is for old versions.

Here are a few mirrors for the NBT.exe file for the process






3. You need an ENET cable, I had one so I chose to try the E-SYS Route. 
Don't pay more than $12 for one of these on eobdtool.CO.UK, Make sure they are good seller with 99%+ feedback and over 1000 positive feedback ratings 


4. You need a working version of E-SYS, connect to your car as normal.

buy E-sys 3.22.5 tested ok by thousands of people in the ENET cable package:
http://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/bmw-enet-ethernet-to-obd-interface-cable-e-sys-icom-coding-f-series.htmlor download for free:






Process instructions
1. Open E-Sys and Selected "Expert Mode" on Left Side

2. Now goto FSC Extended mode. "FSC Extended"

3. Enter Diagostic Address 0x63 
4. Click Identify 
5. The Base variant should show "HU_NBT"
6. Enter Application ID 0xDE (for NBT)
7. Enter Upgrade Index 0x1 
8. Click on Store FSC in the list, and move it to the right by clicking the -> button
9. Click Read 
10. Click Save and store the file as DE.fsc

11. Open up a command prompt window and execute as follows
10a. 2016-1 nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x08 <7DIGITVIN>
10b. 2016-2 nbt.exe DE.fsc 0xA8 0x27 <7DIGITVIN> 
This will output your FSC Activation Code for the upgrade!

Keep in mind this FSC Activation Code is only good with this Region/Year set of Navigation Updates. You will need a new one every time you perform a new upgrade. I'll try to keep on top of this thread with other folks to make sure we have the right command.

The update process is very straight forward and simple
1. Copy the files onto your 32Gb USB Drive
2. Turn car on and Insert USB Drive into USB port under your arm rest
3. Car should recognize the USB Drive and notice it's a nav update

4. Once you decide to continue it will ask to enter the FSC code, use your iDrive controller to enter this long ass code

You may get it wrong first.

But try again and write it down clearly

5. Reap the benefits of an updated navigation system on your BMW. IE. Not getting lost as much, or routed in circles on unknown areas 

Also you can always check the status in iDrive by Navigation, and click Options (bottom/right on idrive)

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